Free Public Plein Air Painting Events



Free Public Plein Air Painting Events

Why Plein Air Paint in a group?

  • Make new friends that share the same interests!
  • A fun, new activity to do with the kids and family!
  • Visit beautiful new places
  • Plein air painting instruction
  • Safer to paint in groups when visiting remote or isolated areas.
  • Opportunities to network in the art community
  • Try something new and meet new people!
  • A positive, accepting and encouraging environment!
  • Practice art as meditation
  • Learn to calm the mind and senses via art
  • Feel more connected to nature
  • Develop positive and uplifting associations.
  • Become more creative and focused.

To read more about the benefits of creating art, please read more here:

Science Direct – Art Therapy Research Journals

Why making art is the new meditation

About Us

When and where:

Check our blog and calendar for the next Event!

We suggest bringing a bagged lunch or snack, water, comfortable shoes and clothing. Please review the Evan’s Creek site and plan accordingly. We reserve the right to cancel due to poor weather.

Is there a fee?

  1. No. There is no fee to attend the plein air painting events.
  2. If you wish to borrow art supplies, there is a fee of $18. Please refer to the section below for details.

What do I do for art supplies?

All artist’s may bring their own supplies or borrow our supplies for a small fee. A percentage of the supply fee will go to charity.

Supplies are becoming limited.

Please rent your supplies in advance.

Rent kid’s safe paint and materials for this event

Rent Kids Safe Paint and Materials for this event. 1 per customer. Includes: Kid’s safe paint, multi purpose paper or panel, lap board or table top easel (subject to availability), kid’s brushes.


Rent Charcoal Supplies

Rent Charcoal supplies for this event. Includes Charcoal, pencils, Charcoal paper, Erasers, Travel sketch tote board. Limit one per customer.


Rent Pastel for this event

Rent pastels for this event. Includes pastel colors, pastel paper, travel sketch tote board, and pencils. Limit one per customer.


Rent Acrylic Supplies for this event

Rent acrylic colors and supplies for this event. Includes, Easel, canvas or panel, acrylic colors, brushes, pencil, erasers. Limit one per customer.


Rent Ink Supplies for this Event

Rent Ink Supplies for this event. Includes Ink, Ink colors, paper, travel sketch tote board, pencils, erasers, brushes. Limit one per customer.


Rent watercolor supplies for this event

Rent watercolor supplies for this event. Includes, watercolors, palette, brushes, watercolor paper, travel sketch tote board, pencils, erasers. Limit one per customer.



By attending an event all attendees and artist’s agree to the following:

  1. All plein air event attendance is at your own risk.
  2. Children and pets must be accompanied by an adult and the adult is responsible for taking care of their children or pets.
  3. All pets must be on a leash.
  4. Pets are only allowed if the park or preserve allows pets. Please read the park information within the link.
  5. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or broken property.
  6. All borrowed art supplies must be returned promptly after the event.
  7. We do not provide transportation.
  8. Park and preserve rules must be adhered to.
  9. All garbage must be kept in a bag (provided and collected after the event). No paint oils, materials or garbage can be left behind.
  10. No Alcohol, smoking or drugs allowed.
  11. Our purpose is to provide a peaceful painting experience for all ages; hence, swearing is discouraged.
  12. Plein Air painting Events are for individuals and are not intended for corporate events. If you are interested in booking a Plein Air event for a school or corporation, please contact us at
  13. We reserve the right to cancel an event at any time. Please check the site for updates.
  14. If the event is canceled by us, all rented art supply fees will be refunded to you via Paypal.
  15. To cancel a rental and initiate a refund, we will only approve refunds 24 hours in advance or if we cancel the event.
  16. You must reserve 48 hours in advance if you wish to rent art supplies. Supplies are limited. We provide no guarantee that there will be enough art supplies if there is no reserve 48 hours in advance.

Please help keep our Plein air services open to the public!

Donate here:

To volunteer your time, or donate art supplies, please call 425-223-2365 or send us an email here: email us

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