Our Inspiration

We use painting as a method of meditation and Sadhana- as a way to Samadhi or liberation. Sadhana is a Sanskrit word for accomplishment of a spiritual exercise. Everything can be Sadhana – even breathing or walking. It can even be an activity (such as painting) that is utilized as a tool for wellbeing.  Many Spiritual philosophies such as Hinduism and Buddhism practice Sadhana. For example, in Hinduism, practice of Sadhana or spiritual discipline leads one to the ultimate goal of self-realization, love of God, liberation or the ultimate expression of one’s life. Sadhana is a process by which one tricks the lower aspect of one’s persona such as ego, hatred and attachment until those aspects perish. It is a struggle between the positive and negative forces of the self (between Gods and demons).  Via Sadhana discipline, there are times when your mind is able to conquer negative thoughts and sometimes they may conquer you! But with continued practice, one learns the subtle art of liberation.

Painting helps to focus the mind and calm the senses. It helps one develop a feeling of well-being and plein air painting (painting outdoors) helps to further reinforce the connection between nature and the self. Painting freely without fear of judgement and led by positive reinforcement further helps those that suffer from depression, anxiety and other physical ailments.


It is our mission to provide a positive experience through art.  In today’s materialistic age, with longer working hours, stress, and mounting pressures, it is often times easy to feel lonely, irritable, angry, or melancholy. Many of times, individuals fall into materialistic routines to enjoy with their children and adults find it difficult to find the  time to reflect on the beauty of the world,  self realization and wellbeing. We provide a chance for individuals and even their entire families to enjoy each other with uplifting activities and exploration of the beauty of the world and within themselves. We provide a plein air, or indoor meditative painting experience and instruction as well as uplift the soul via charity work. We assist individuals with guidance and motivation in blocking time for sadhana and learning to control the mind and senses together in a positive group setting.

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