We are a group devoted to providing and promoting art as meditation classes, lessons, and events. When you book with us, you will be helping to support our efforts in providing volunteer services to nonprofit hospitals and homeless shelters.

By helping to fund us, you will be supporting our efforts in providing the following services:

1. Volunteers to teach free classes at nonprofit hospitals, behavioral centers, and homeless shelters.

2. Promotion of artists via our Featured artists page. Not only do we provide a free resource for artists to display and sell their work online, but we actively promote their work on a vast array of social media platforms for free!

3. Our efforts to partner up and provide free services to vetted nonprofits in order to help secure them funding and services!

4. To provide a safe place for the public!

5. Community Art Exhibition Sponsorships. Our next exhibition sponsorship is for Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art at the Collective. We are sponsoring up to 5 Autistic artists to exhibit or sell their work for free at this event. By participating in this event, you are helping to make this happen for these individuals!

6. Autism – Friendly events. Our next Autism-Friendly event is Paint Seattle ~ A night of Art at the Collective. By participating in this event you are helping to sponsor an autistic event, that means you are helping to sponsor staff training on autism, an autism-friendly designed room for autism families to use if necessary, and special needs devices to be handed out free of charge at the event! It also includes marketing in order to bring the autistic community awareness for this event and a much needed place to establish connections and acceptance.

You may also help by donating directly.

If you are interested in the benefits a nonprofit partnership provides, please review our pdf here: nonprofitpartnershiprackcard


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