Paint and Go Art Gym

Who are you?

You are a busy, professional struggling to find the time to paint again-  or start a new, healthy routine.

We get it – Life is too busy. Work, kids, more work… did we mention more work?

And if you are an artist, and working full time, finding the time to paint, clean up brushes, keep up with a studio space, or lug materials around can be time consuming and draining. And when you do block some time, it is spent purchasing supplies, cleaning up and prepping. Then the inspiration is all gone!

We hear you! But don’t forget that painting can be a wonderful source of wellness, creativity, confidence, and reflection.

So let us do the leg work for you.

Simply show up,  paint, and go to work! Our paint and go art gym is for artists that fit before and after work schedules.

  • No need to pay rent on a studio space
  • No need to pay high clean up maintenance fees in your apartment, condominium or rental.
  • And no need to incur additional costs when you wish to explore other mediums. Artistic freedom is covered.

So go paint! No more excuses!

Who are you? 

Your a parent looking for a place to bring your kids on the weekend without having to wait to register for a class. You want somewhere new to go now! Don’t want to buy a new toy or give into more screen time with the kids? Paint and Go art gym is something you can do to spend quality time with your family!


Who are you? 

Your an explorer! Your inquisitive! and Your Creative!

If your bored of the usual routine and looking for a new hangout with friends or colleagues after work or on weekends, have a little paint with your coffee.  We offer free beverages and a quintessential urban art gym.

Why not create something new over coffee and conversation?


How it works

  1. Show up and grab a smock (don’t forget some coffee or tea!)
  2. Paint (Variety of mediums to choose from)
  3. Leave the clean up and set up to us. (Yes, you can keep your work with you )

Now, no more excuses! Time to explore and paint. By the way, refreshments are on us!

Available for Walk-In’s and Memberships. Coming Soon.

Contact Us for more details.

  • Not intended for art instruction. But don’t worry we offer classes and private lessons too! To learn more about what approach will work best for you, please reach out to us here – we are friendly!  Contact Us
  • Concept of Paint my Meditation ™ All rights reserved.

Pre-Membership Registration.

Interested? Pre-register for membership. Membership is limited. Slots fill out fast.

Fill out the form for guaranteed membership.


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