December Featured Artist: Sara DiJulio

 We are so excited to announce our December Featured artist – Sara DiJulio!

Sara DiJulio
Sara DiJulio

Sara DiJulio’s paintings are vibrant and powerful—so imbued with color, passion and energy that her work—created on heavyweight watercolor paper—seems alive and in motion on the page.

Here are a few words from the artist:

I strive for my work to be vibrant and powerful—imbued with color, passion and energy; to feel alive and in motion. My goal is to bring joy to people’s lives, and I follow a simple philosophy as I pursue my craft: “Be willing to take risks when you create.”



Zeppelin Upbringing_SaraDiJulio
Zeppelin Upbringing © 2018 Sara Dijulio

“I never know where the paint will lead me when I start, and the end is always a surprise.” 

Mānaleo original_SaraDiJulio
Manaleo © 2018 Sara Dijulio

Finding inspiration in the lush greenery and flower-filled gardens of the Pacific Northwest neighborhood she calls home, Sara works in a variety of mediums, including charcoal, oil pastels, acrylic, watercolor and metallics.

The Ladder To Somewhere_SaraDiJulio
The Ladder to Somewhere © 2018 Sara Dijulio

“Painting is like life, taking you on unexpected turns and down different paths.”  


Grace © 2018 Sara Dijulio

Before committing to painting full time, Sara utilized her artist’s eye and design talents in the commercial world, crafting a career in the development of fashion accessories, sports bags and designer luggage—an occupation that took her around the world and exposed her to a variety of cultures and customs—a background which clearly informs the captivating art she creates today.

San Francisco Jazz_SaraDiJulio
San Francisco Jazz © 2018 Sara Dijulio

With the stated goal of “bringing joy to people’s lives through art,” the Seattle native and University of Oregon graduate follows a simple philosophy as she pursues her craft: “Be willing to take risks when you create.”

And The Waiting_SaraDiJulio
And The Waiting © 2018 Sara Dijulio

“I think you have to be willing to take the risk of ruining what you’ve already put on the canvas—in order to make something truly special. Truly extraordinary.”

Lost In The Song_SaraDiJulio
Lost in the Song © 2018 Sara Dijulio


Koi Pond_SaraDiJulio
Koi Pond © 2018 Sara Dijulio


Where to find Sara and her work: 

Instagram – @saradijulio

On behalf of Paint my Meditation, thank you for inspiring all of us with your passion and creativity!



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