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Eventbrite - Escape ~ Themed Art Class and Pop-up Market

On Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 1:00 PM, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to escape to a new country and explore a new far out culture!

Join us at Bohemian studios and step out of the mundane to explore a new world — new cultures, scents, sounds, and tastes. We have everything an artist or art novice needs to feel inspired.

,So do what you love on the weekend! sit back, relax, paint with your tribe, drink some delicious Turkish tea, and shop at our unique arts and crafts pop up shop!

All while painting a live belly dancer! Our dancer is the renowned dancer Michelle!

This is a Figure painting workshop for all levels and ages.

It is an acrylic on canvas instructor led class. All materials and instruction included in price. Price is per seat. Class duration will be approxiamately 1.5 – 2 hours with breaks.

  • Great for a fun day out to try something new!
  • A great way for an artist seeking inspiration.
  • Cost effective way for an artist seeking to paint a model/figure and props. Amazing – painting opportunity!
  • Affordable and fun way to learn the fundamentals of figure painting and appropriate for all ages!
  • Enjoy traditional middle eastern music, scents, and Turkish tea* all while painting a live belly dancer!
  • All of our students will have an opportunity to be chosen to participate at one of our exhibitions!

Don’t forget to take a break and shop at the Pop-up Market for local arts and crafts at this beautiful indoor Bohemian Studio!


Bohemian Studios

4801 Fauntleroy Way SW 112, Seattle, WA 98116

Date & Time Sun, Mar 31, 2019 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm PDT


1. Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No. This is an all age event. No alcohol is served at this event.

Relax, Accept, Be You…

One of my fav quotes from the Gita worked onto a canvas with mixed mediums.

I don’t ordinarily work with collages, but I like how this one came out. Started off as an acrylic-art-as-meditation and really enjoyed being free with it.

That is after all, what art as meditation is about. The freedom to meditate and paint – meditate and create on canvas.

It is a time where we can learn to step aside from how others view you, let go of how others judge you, and momentarily put a stopper on sternly judging ourselves. It’s a time to flow with the brush on canvas for art’s sake ~ for our sake.


Something quite amazing happens every time we let go. In letting go, we allow ourselves to experience freedom. Creative freedom is hard to come by in any respect.  As an artist, there is always some nagging influence or some imaginary limits and boundaries pushing us down to make more sales and to generate more patrons. An obvious by-product that we may or may not be cognizant of, is that we may be setting invisible limitations on just how creative we can be by imagining some possible yet more than likely erroneous assumption of what the public desires on their walls. Or worse yet, follow the herd into the pitfall of creative trends.

Even if you are not an artist, life has become so high pressure, many may find it quite difficult to meditate and quiet the mind. And in any pursuit, whether you are a creative, an entrepreneur, or an engineer, quieting the mind, calming the senses, learning to relax, developing intuition, fearlessness, confidence and creativity, requires mental focus and discipline which meditation is proven to enhance.

That’s where art comes into focus.

Gita Quote

Copyright Rivkah Singh

Art as meditation can be used as a tool to help get you started on your path. I find it extraordinarily helpful in quieting both the mind and the senses. Not to mention, helping let go of any pressure in order to pursue some creative project I ordinarily would be too fearful to attempt.

If your interested in participating in art as meditation classes. Registration is now open.

Art as Meditation Classes

Why practice art as meditation?







Injection Tracker App Creator and Novelist Dina Ayoub Exhibiting at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art


Dina Ayoub, Engineer, Fantasy Novelist, and Artist will be displaying her works of art at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art on Jan 19th.Here is your chance to meet her in person. Her creative drive is sure to inspire you in many respects,  from her writing, to her contributions in technology such as her most recent Android Injection Tracker App for Diabetes and MS patients.

Eventbrite - Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art


Here are a few words from Dina

I’m an artist, writer, and tech entrepreneur.  I spent over 10 years in the tech industry before deciding to pursue my passion for the arts and creativity – writing a fantasy novel, creating an android app to help people with diabetes, MS, RA… etc., and rediscovering my love for painting and jewelry making. I paint abstract and landscape art in oils and fluid art in acrylics, using my Egyptian heritage and travels as inspiration for my work.


Featured Exhibiting Artist at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art: Patarawalai Panma, Expresses Love Through Art

Patarawalai Panma is an International artist from Thailand that uses her artwork to express her love for Nature and Human Kind.


She will be exhibiting at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art at the Collective on Jan 19

Eventbrite - Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art

Here are a few words from the artist:

I am an international artist from Thailand. I been living in Washington for some years now. There are many artistic styles that I participate in such as painting, drawing, sculpting and tattoos. I love to escape into my Cancer sign world filled with imagination and life messages through my craft. I really enjoy spending most of my time on portraits and drawings.


Featured Exhibiting Artist at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art: Katelyn Crowley Harper creates collages out of positive news stories

A true story on the power of positivity -Artist Katelyn Crowley Harper creates collages out of positive news stories – which in turn, ends up on the news!

Meet Katelyn and see her inspiring work in person at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art on Jan 19th.

Eventbrite - Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art

It all started with a Christmas gift. Months before the holiday season had even begun, my mom expressed repeated sadness at all the tragic headlines on the news and internet. From the devastating fires in California, to shootings, and other tragedies, the news became too saturated with negativity for my mom to bear.

Seeking to show her the positive side of things, I wanted to make her something that would serve as a beacon of hope, light and positivity in her life. I decided to make a paper collage using positive news stories and watercolor as my medium. I then shaped the torn headlines into a sunflower, serving as a metaphor for focusing on positivity (due to the plants ability to move its head so that it always faces the sun). Included in the artwork is a QR code, which directs you to a document with a list of all of the stories used.

My mom, in love with her gift, took to Facebook to share it with friends and family. Not long after, Madison Meyers from ABC News 10 contacted us wanting an interview! And just like that, my gift to my mom became news worthy, landing on Yahoo Lifestyle and on ABC News 10’s evening update! With all the publicity, I began receiving order requests. This spurred me to create Print Painting, an Etsy shop where I can sell and create works of art I truly love.

“The brighter the light, the darker the shadow” — Carl Jung
Katelyn Crowley Harper

Link to ABC News 10:

Link to Yahoo Lifestyle:

Victor Ramirez, Featured Artist at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art, draws what it’s like to have Autism.

victorbiopicWe are incredibly proud to announce that Victor Ramirez has been selected as one of our winning participants in our Art in Autism Program. He will be exhibiting live at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art at the Collective on Jan 19th. And his work will be on display in our Art in Autism Exhibit.

Eventbrite - Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art

Here are a few words from Victor:

My name is Victor Andres Ramirez, I have Autism, and I am a Mexican/American Cartoonist. Since I was a kid, my dream is to become an Animator. I have been inspired to draw comics by watching cartoons and being enamored by them. Some of my inspirations are Drake Brodahl, who is the art director at Disney Television Animation, and Brianne Drouhard, who was a character designer for the Teen Titans TV series and several other shows




As a person with Autism, I am proud that I can help inspire people with disabilities to show that they too can shine and show how wonderful they are. I got my AA diploma in the Digital Media Arts program from Bellevue College in June 2018. I am currently working towards attending DigiPen so that I can improve my skills in the animation field such as storyboarding, character design, 2D animation, and creative storytelling, and hopefully get my Bachelor’s degree.


Check out one of his animatics here!


Exhibiting Artist at Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art: Penny Firehose – An Inspiration on How Art Heals and Transforms


Ms. Penny loves to laugh, seeks to spread love and kindness through her many community volunteer endeavors and gives generously of her time, talent and resources.  Challenges don’t seem to faze her much anymore, especially after a lifelong struggle with dyslexia, being 75% deaf in her left ear, the effects of child and young adult abuse, and being changed from left to right handed at a young age.  By embracing art, she has helped herself heal and re-train her mind to transform her life. In turn is learning new ways of being, which affords her to live a life more authentically and simplistic.

Eventbrite - Paint Seattle ~ A Night of Art

She has lived in the Pacific Northwest Region of the US for most of her adult life and enjoys the richness of the beauty of the area. She has two sons and three grandchildren.  She currently resides in Tacoma, Washington and works out of her studio in her home.  Most of the underlying themes in her work is a cross between Bob Ross and Donna Dewberry, which has influenced and inspired her to return to her first love… creating art in many forms.


MS Penny has been an artist in one form or another since she was a child.  She has always had a realistic and yet creative view of the world around her.  She is a self-taught artist and loves learning new creative processes and freely embraces new ideas and creative concepts when it comes to her artistic endeavors.


Penny loves to be creatively challenged to keep her mind open and fresh ideas percolating to use and solve problems creatively.  Which is very exciting when she can apply what she has learned over the years in a new discipline or creative medium.  She also uses her artistic talent with her photography to create lasting memories of fleeting moments in hers and other’s lives.


Ms. Penny is best known for her “Flowers in Bloom” glass series. The process is made with up-cycled glass acrylic enamel paint and she procures the glass, porcelain and ceramic through local businesses. This supports her community and keeps many of these items out of landfills and repurposes them for beautiful art pieces when hand painted.

In 2015 she started branching out in her painting endeavors by painting with acrylic paint on canvas.  In 2017 she furthered her art education and artistic growth by purchasing and learning to create her art in digital format on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil.

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