Art on a mission

Friends, we are so excited to paint with our new friends at Tiny Cabins Safe Harbor (Formerly known as Tent City) Nov 9th. From 11 – 4 PM.

We will be providing free lunch and a free art as meditation class Nov 9th. This is a kind, wonderful group of folks and we can’t wait to paint, and share our experiences together.

If you would like to join us, we are in need of a couple of volunteers to help out.

It is also a great opportunity to help provide other essentials.

We Still need a couple of volunteers to help out.

As a reminder, it is getting cold out. Tiny cabins is in need of supplies.

We are collecting the following supplies on behalf of Tiny Cabins:

  1. Sleeping bags
  2. Clothing
  3. Blankets
  4. Food Stock

Please be aware that there are children that live at the camp. Including:

9 yr old boy,

10 yr old boy,

15 yr old girl,

13 yr girl

If you would like to donate supplies, we will be happy to arrange a free pick up at your location or we can arrange other methods of convenience.

Please call 425-223-2365. You may also ping us directly or contact us here:

To contribute to our efforts directly

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